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SWIRLonTHRU.com is a growing hub for the world’s largest M4M chat community.  SWIRLonTHRU.com currently serves as an outlet and information source as the leaderships works to develop a social networking platform, create a multiple functioning instant messenger service and build a video chat platform that wIth a for-us-by-us commitment that will protect the community from discrimination or unfair terms of service that exclude them from usage. 

SWIRLonTHRU.com is also the home of The Meffany Show, a satirical magazine news show that offers a unique twist on how community news is delivered.  SWIRLonTHRU.com is also the producer of The Zoomie Awards, an annual awards show that recognizes the top contributors to the community.  Future projects for SWIRLonTHRU.com’s Media Division include an online radio station, blogs and podcasts.

Membership is currently not required to access all parts of the site, however some sections may ask that you sign up.  It’s free to sign up, so we encourage everyone to do so as the site will soon be accessible to members only. You can click the ‘contact us’ section for more information on membership, with questions or to purchase advertising space.  We encourage all of our members to support our advertisers even if that just means clicking the link to see what they offer.  They are the reason we  are able to offer free memberships!